About Us

Get to know us...

Our story starts in ..... . Previously known as ...., Centrum Supermarket has since been thé address for foods, beverages and non-food products. An absolute favorite among both consumers and businesses.

When Centrum Supermarket opened for business in ......., we had [four] product aisles, [one] cashier and a hand full of employees. Since then, the supermarket has continued to grow and innovate to the stores you know today. Over the years, we've included more merchandise, dedicated departments, a wholesale store and a second store in Piscadera, which was received with the same public enthusiasm as the first location.


It is our biggest commitment to bring together fresh product selections and affordable prices in a refreshing, clean, organized and friendly shopping environment. Taking this commitment to heart, Centrum Supermarket is a proud family company that is known for its personal approach and true sense of quality and service.


Today, the supermarket offers a wide range of products and complete line of groceries and household items. Name what you're looking for and you'll find it. Fresh produce and meats, dry and frozen foods, cheeses, bakery favorites, cleaning supplies, disposables... find them all on our shelves!


Quality products at a fair price. We aim to offer from home brands to well-known A-brands, without compromising on quality; the widest possible range of product choices at the highest possible quality. Our variety includes beverages, food containers, cleaning items, cheeses and the tastiest meats and vegetables. We operate with a simple goal in mind, and that is to offer unmatched quality and service.


Our commitment starts and ends with our customers. We take price in delivering dedicated customer service. To be the supermarket of choice, we aim on offering not only freshness and quality, but also clean and organised stores, competitive prices and excellent customer service. As such, delivering your business orders in a timely and orderly fashion is one of our highest priorities, as is also keep offering you new solutions for easy and efficient order placement.