Absolut Blue Original Vodka, 40% Alc/Vol, 1 L

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Description: "With the launch of the new Limited Edition, Absolut wants to inspire people around the world to stand for open-mindedness, acceptance and love, especially where hatred and intolerance are prevalent." Love has to be celebrated in this day and age Absolutely Limited Edition "A Drop of Love" pays homage to the only force that can beat hatred.
For the design of the new Limited Edition, Absolut Ink has used hate tags and turned them over - to a message of love. To do so, Absolut's team made targeted use of racist and anti-LGBTQ protests, collecting hate tags on the spot and extracting the ink. On each Limited Edition bottle, the recovered ink is now a positive sign in the mint or pink print of the bottle outline. The absolute embossing shows a heart, each bottle also carries an explanation of the unique production process. The word "love" in many languages complements the design of the bottle. However, the special ink is not the only element reused in the development of the new Limited Edition, the bottle is made of 70% recycled glass.
"Each Absolute Limited Edition stands for a particular design, theme or emotion that is close to our hearts and moves us," says Mariam Chatti, Head of Brand Management. "The whole idea, conception and realization of the new limited edition are a tribute to the power of love. It stands for values that are important to us. For a more open cooperation, for tolerance and solidarity. "

At the end of the 19th century Swedish entrepreneur Lars Olsson Smith invented fractional distillation / rectification for alcohol. This more efficient separation of the alcohol from fusel oils and other undesirable ingredients provides a higher quality vodka than traditional distillation in stills. To emphasize the difference in quality, he calls his Vodka Absolut Renat Brännvin (Absolutely pure brandy) and registers the brand Absolut as a trademark. With his better and cheaper product Smith challenged in 1879 the alcohol sales monopoly of the city of Stockholm. He offered free boat trips to the distilleries and his vodka made him rich.
From 1917, the alcohol industry was taken over and managed by the Swedish government, and Absolut Renat Brännvin was soon sold throughout the country. In the 1970s, the name of the then rather unfashionable brand was shortened to Renat Brännvin, 1979, the brand image was modernized and introduced the name Absolut as a brand. Absolut Vodka is internationally known for its special bottle shape, which is to remember Swedish pharmacy bottles. These are interpreted by the company as a trademark and always incorporated into advertising campaigns.

Characteristics: The vodka has a smooth, soft aroma with the perfect flavor of the grain from which it is made.

Spirit Type: Vodka

Country: Sweden

ABV: 40%

Bottle size: 1 L