Bols Blackberry Brandy, 1 L

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A rich, full liqueur made from the juice of ripe, dark red berries. Kernels, crushed while pressing the fresh variety of berries, add a well-balanced almond flavor, with a long savory finish.

Lucas Bols B.V. is a privately held Dutch company in the business of production, distribution, sales and marketing of alcoholic beverages. It is the oldest Dutch company still active and the oldest distillery brand in the world. Its brand portfolio consists of Bols, Galliano, Vaccari, Pisang Ambon, Gold Strike and a large group of Dutch genevers and liqueurs. It produces about 3 million cases a year, with yearly revenues exceeding 95 million euros.Bols is an old family name from the Antwerp, Belgium area. In Old Dutch, Bols means arrow. As a result of the Eighty Years War between the Netherlands and Spain and the Spanish Inquisition, part of the family fled to Germany. There is a record of a reverse emigration back to Amsterdam.