Rembrandt Cheese, 10 kg

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Rembrandt Cheese, 1 x 10 kg
Rembrandt Cheese, 1 x 10 kg

Country of Origin: Netherlands

Aging Period: 52 weeks

Description: Rembrandt - unique tasting Dutch pride, made from pasteurized cow's milk, matured for more than a year, 48% fat, hard, mature taste cheese.

History: Rembrandt is clearly named after the famous Dutch painter Rembrandt van Rijn. This Gouda cheese is aged over 1 year and has a very nice rich, deep hearty flavour, not overly sharp, with a touch of tanginess. Rembrandt has a firm texture, but melts easily. It also has white spots on the surface, which indicate the start of mineral and protein crystallization. In comparison to most cheeses that are aged from a few weeks to a few months, this is a masterpiece long in the making. This fully ripened Dutch cheese is a bit crumbly - a characteristic that makes it perfect for grating, adding to cold plates and including on a cheese board.

Goes best with: 

  • Food: Obligatory cheese on any cheese board. Pasta or other hot dishes, fruits, nuts, one as a snack. 
  • Drinks: Beer with caramel, chocolate taste, full-bodied red wine, long maturing Scotch whiskey.
Rembrandt Cheese, 1 x 10 kg
Rembrandt Cheese, 1 x 10 kg