Stolichnaya Russian Vodka, 40% Alc/Vol, 750 ml

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Russia- Winter wheat and glacial water is double distilled using quartz and activated charcoal filtration. Herbal and licorice flavors linger with light smoke and a touch of fruit. Best chilled and straight or in tonic.

Stolichnaya “red label” vodka is the flagship 80 proof version that can be found in both home and professional bars worldwide. 40% abv Stolichnaya vodka was originally made in a distillery in a small village in Irkutsk from the waters of lake Baikal. The purity of the waters of this lake are a scientific wonder and make exceptional vodka. In the modern era stoli is made here and in other locations throughout Russia creating variation in the brand’s consistency (different water different production etc.). The good stoli is legendary (from the complete book of spirits anthony dias blue), this is one of the most famous of all vodkas such that you can order it by name: “bartender bring me a stoli!” it is one of those vodkas by which all other vodkas are measured; the benchmark in any given tasting or competition. Awards: stolichnaya was named best vodka in the 2005 San Francisco world spirits competition.

History: Since 2001, Stolichnaya trademark has been an object of a dispute between the SPI Group and the government of Russia. In 1972, the PepsiCo company struck a barter agreement with the then government of the Soviet Union, in which PepsiCo was granted exportation and Western marketing rights to Stolichnaya vodka in exchange for importation and Soviet marketing of Pepsi-Cola. This exchange led to Pepsi-Cola being the first foreign product sanctioned for sale in the U.S.S.R.

After the breakup of the Soviet Union Stolichnaya vodka continued to be produced for export in several of the ex-Soviet republics, including Ukraine. The bottles retained their Soviet-era labels.

In August 1991, the Soviet patent office revoked the Soviet agency's right to use the Stolichnaya name in Russia. This led to numerous lawsuits, including what companies could market vodka under this name in the United States. On November 20, 1992, a federal judge ruled that PepsiCo would maintain the exclusive right to the name in the United States, as allowing others to market under the name would bring a "risk of irreparable harm" to the trademark.

In 2002, A Moscow court ruled that Russia would get back the rights to the Stolichnaya brand name from Soyuzplodimport (SPI).

In 2009 William Grant and Sons USA signed an agreement to distribute Stolichnaya in the USA.