Sutter Home White Zinfandel Rose Wine, 750 ml

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Country: California

% Alcohol: 9.5% VOL

Description: Sutter Home White Zinfandel captures your attention with its beautiful, pale rose color and delicate aromas of sun-ripened berries. Sweet, creamy strawberry and melon flavors mingle with a whisper of vanilla on the palate. Delicate aromas lead to sweet, creamy strawberry and melon flavors and a crisp finish.

Pale pink colour; light berry with citrus tones; light body, light citrus flavour, off-dry finish.

A delicate blush pink colour introduces this fresh, lively wine. On the palate, light creaminess surrenders to a refreshing crisp finish of strawberries and melon.

Taste: Medium sweet

Food Pairings: Enjoy chilled as an aperitif, or partnered with all types of foods, particularly those with a slight spiciness, such as Asian or Latin cuisine.