Trapiche Torrontes White Wine, 750 ml

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Country: Argentina

% Alcohol: 12.5% VOL

Description: A fresh, light, dry wine, perfectly combines bright fruit and moderate acidity. Used for its production Torrontes grapes, is a leading white grape varieties in Argentina. It is characterized by a thin, slightly spicy aroma with notes of white flowers, complemented by hints of exotic fruit. According to the technology, these wines are not aged in oak barrels, and therefore they are very elegant and clear, free of oak accents. The wine goes well with seafood, fish, fruit and cheese, it is best consumed within one to two years after graduation.

Torrontes grapes grown in the foothills of the Andes, in the province of Mendoza. Sudden changes in daily temperatures promotes a long, slow ripening period. Dry air hillsides favorably reflected on the vines, has saved them from various diseases. Since the areas under vines are in the area of the Andes, where substantially low rainfall, the company has created a unique Trapiche irrigation system that uses natural melt water from the mountains without disrupting the balance of nature.

Trapiche winery invests heavily in the development of production, with due regard to the latest advances in winemaking technology and equipment. They are also experimenting with a new philosophy - Bio-dynamics based on biological and ecological agricultural practices. This approach supports all that is natural in nature, and prohibits the use of chemicals and other products, in order to maintain the balance of the ecosystem, to achieve bio-diversity and the recovery of activity of bacteria in soils. The only fertilizer that allows Bio-dynamics, it is plant and animal waste with bio-dynamic farm.

Founded Trapiche Argentine politician and businessman Tiburcio Benegas in 1883, a small winery "El Trapiche" initially occupied only 6.5 hectares. Today is going to harvest from the vineyards, the total area of more than 1000 hectares and farm owned investment company "Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette". In 2004 and 2008, the competition "International Wine and Spirit Competition" Trapiche farm was recognized "Manufacturer of the Year" ("Argentinian wine producer of the year"). Over the past few years (2007-2009 gg.) Au awarded the nomination "Hot Brand" by the magazine Impact Magazine's. Trapiche wines constantly awarded the nomination "Value Brands of the Year" from the "Wine & Spirits Magazine".
The underlying principle of Trapiche is the motto - "constant innovation and diversity," by which winemakers every time surprise us with their unique designs.

Color: The wine has a delicate straw color.

Taste: The wine has a very fresh and elegant fruit flavors with moderate acidity and leaves a lasting and charming aftertaste.

Aroma: Exquisite aroma of the wine reveals notes of pineapple, citrus and exotic fruits on a background of subtle floral nuances.

Food Pairings: The wine goes well with seafood, fish, fresh fruit and cheeses.