Trivento Mixtus Cabernet Marlot Red Wine, 750 ml

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Country: Argentina, Mendoza

% Alcohol: 12.5% VOL

Description: "Mixtus" Cabernet Merlot - Argentine red semi-dry wine from the line "Mixtus" wines that are blends of two grape varieties. "Mixtus" Cabernet Merlot - the wine in the Bordeaux style blend of two French grape varieties.

The company "Trivento" works in the famous province of Mendoza and one of the largest wineries in Argentina. In 1996, the largest Chilean producer Concha y Toro bought vineyards in Mendoza and created a subsidiary company "Thrivent" which in its brief existence has achieved recognition in Argentina, and in the international market. Now wine "Trivento" regularly receive awards at international competitions and are exported to markets around one hundred countries around the world. The company was named in accordance with the peculiarities of climate province of Mendoza. "Trivento" in Spanish means "three wind". Dry ice polar wind Polar means the onset of winter and the beginning of pruning vines. From the Andes the whole year the wind blows Sonda, but it is especially enhanced in the early spring and brings warmth, contributes to the appearance of the kidneys. Wind blowing Sudestada summer with ocean and cools the grapes from the influence of the hot sun.

At present, the company "Thrivent" owns 1,289 hectares of vineyards in different regions of Mendoza. Most of the valley is located in the Uco, East oasis and oasis Lujan Maipú. Grape harvest is processed at three wineries that are equipped with the latest equipment, which guarantees high quality of the wines. Each year the popularity of wines Trivento in Argentina, the US and Europe is growing. Annual sales of more than 2.5 million cases of wine.

Taste: Light wine with a fruity flavor and acidity.

Food Pairings: The wine is excellent with meat and cheese.

Color: The color of wine - ruby red.

Aroma: The bouquet of wine - aromas slightly unripe fruit.