Via Maipo Merlot Red Wine, 750 ml

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Country: Chile

% Alcohol: 12% VOL

Description: Wine Cabernet Sauvignon / Merlot is produced from grapes grown in the famous and prestigious area Maipo Valley. In recent years, this area was used for wine production class Premium. The climate here - dry, Mediterranean, cold winters with moderate rain replaced by long, dry and sunny periods. Soil - rocky, with good drainage and low productivity. The wine is fermented and aged for a short time in neutral vessels. Consume this wine is best young wine storage capacity is 3-4 years.

Manufacturer Vina Maipo - prestigious Chilean economy with a rich history. The winery was founded in 1948 in the Maipo Valley - the most famous wine-growing areas in Chile. In 1968 he joined the group of producer Concha y Toro, the largest association of winemakers in Chile. From that moment it became actively develop agriculture, the special period came in the 2000s when they were put into production a new class of wine Ultra Premium and Super Premium.
Today the winery Viña Maipo wine exports to 70 countries and more efforts are directed at improving the quality of products.

Food Pairings: Wine is best revealed in combination with grilled red meat (beef, veal), cold meats and cheese average degree of exposure.

Taste: Well-structured wine has a soft texture and juicy, bright, velvety taste with hints of dark fruit. Harmonious aftertaste medium length decorate pleasant berry tones.

Color: Wine a brilliant dark ruby color.

Aroma: Wine attracts a delicate bouquet, woven of fine flavors of plum, black currant and blackberry notes of spices and dried flowers.